What comes to your mind when you hear the word sport? Other says it’s a game or a competition wherein you need to be physically fit and there are some who categorize it into a none-physical competition. Though sports could mean many things depending on the variety of opinions from others, there are four categories that define sports:

• It should have the component of competition where it follows rules that governs the game
• It should not be harmful in any way especially to any living creature
• It should not rely on any equipment that is supplied by a single vendor
• It should definitely not rely on any luck such as game of chances It is also one of the main factor why many countries around the world are joined together in unity over their favorite team. However, there are people who are not sports enthusiasts. Despite the wrong notions about sports being an exhausting activity, sports will help you become physically and mentally fit. Sports is not without its disadvantages but being sports-inclined has its positive paybacks such as but not limited to:

• Being physically strong and active
• Having a great metabolism
• Having a great stamina
• Promoting healthy self-image
• Increases immune system

sports benefitsStimulates agility, endurance and mental alertness Some of the sports that are physical are, swimming, volleyball, lawn tennis, Taekwondo, Mix Martial Arts, football, rowing, boxing, rugby, biking, baseball and the most popular of them all, basketball. It is so popular that you can see basketball courts in every corner. It is expected that Basketball fanatics will go crazy cheering their favorite teams when the season starts. Sports are not only for physically fit people, there are some sports that require only mental or intellectual skills. Examples of which are, chess, scrabble, word factory, monopoly and so much more. These games require the use of one’s logical and analytical skills to think of tactical strategies in order to win the game. Let’s take chess for instance, it is a game for people with highly strategic thinking skills, because each move has to be planned otherwise it could result into losing the game. One can benefit so much from playing strategic board games such as:

sports benefits 2• It can raise IQ level as it stimulates the mind
• It exercises both sides of the brain
• It improves memory
• It increases creativity
• It increases problem solving skills so for those of you who are not into sports, this is the right time to get started. Go and get out, sports are not only for the young people; use that energy into something that is not only health beneficial but also something that you will enjoy. Sports should not be tagged as an exhausting activity, instead when you think about sports, fun should be the first that comes to mind. It also shapes ones’ attitude as it builds patience, discipline and good sportsmanship. There are so many type of sports where surely, one of those will be your expertise. Be unstoppable, explore and discover your niche in sports. Be limitless and don’t be afraid to try something new.