How do Electric Bikes Work?

8 Dec

Seeing an electric bike on the street is nothing strange nowadays, because more and more people are deciding to get one. A lot of people use them because they are just so practical, because commuting to work with them helps you stay fit, saves money you’d usually give for gas, and allows you to avoid the traffic jams. However, the people that do not own these electric bikes would probably want to know a little something about them before they purchase them, and that is why we have decided to give you some information about the electric bikes, and most importantly, on how they work. So, just sit back (or come closer, whatever way you prefer) and learn something new and interesting about this unusual and practical ride.

First of all, because of the fact that these bikes are called electric, it is safe to assume that they have some kind of a motor on them. Well, that assumption is correct, and it is the motor that starts and runs this type of a bike. Usually, the motor is located neat the wheel (some models have it near the front, while others near the rear wheel). This position is considered to be the best one because it allows the motor not to get in the way and not to be an easy prey for the thieves. But, this motor can’t really work on its own; it needs to have some source of power. We’ve already mentioned that the electric bikes don’t use gas. So, where does all that power come from?

The bike is electric, so you need something that is going to provide the bike with some sort of electricity, and in the case of an electric bike, this source of power is the battery. These batteries are usually fitted into the electric bike’s frame (so that it can’t be stolen), but there are also other models that allow the battery to be removed easily. Some bikes come with several batteries, and the ones that come with just one can be altered in order to make room for more. These batteries are usually the lithium ion ones, which allows them to last long, to be extremely lightweight, and to offer a large amount of electrical power to the bike.

So, the battery supplies energy to the motor, and then the motor allows the electric bike to work. That is easy to understand. But, what happens when the battery runs out of power? It can no longer supply the motor with electrical power, and the bike won’t ride. Well, it won’t have a functional motor at least, but it can still be ridden like a regular bike by pedalling. But, it is still an electric bike, and you want the motor to run. Well, in that case, you just do what you’d do when the battery on your mobile phone or laptop dies – you recharge it! This is a really great way of getting around, and especially because of the fact that the battery recharging won’t really cost you anything!

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