How to Choose an E-Cigarette?

13 Feb

Everyone seems to be smoking electronic cigarettes nowadays, and the people just think that they should pick up the first one that they come across and start vaping. But, this really isn’t how it works, or at least shouldn’t be done that way. You need to find an e-cigarette that is just perfect for you, and we are going to explain to you how to do that.

choosing e cigs

Firstly, you should decide what is the style of the electronic cigarette you wish to buy. There are various e-cigarettes out there; some of them are miniature and look more like the traditional cigarettes, and others are much bigger, and are usually being used by the experienced smokers. The mini ones are really popular, mostly due to the fact that they look like real cigarettes, and are really lightweight. The medium ones are about the size of a cigar, and have batteries that allow them to last much longer than the mini ones. Also, they produce a lot more vapour. And finally, there are the advanced personalized models, which are mostly being used by the advanced smokers. They offer a lot more vapour, last a long time, and are the size of an average torch lamp.

Then, you should pick your starter kit, which includes the vaporisers, instructions and the batteries. If you are a beginner, you shouldn’t worry, because they have some especially designed for them. Tank Puffin in Essex are a company that specializes in starter kits. When choosing this, you ought to choose if you wish to have the disposable cartridges, which can be thrown away when they run out, or you could choose to get the refillable ones. Also, determine how much you’re going to spend on this.

Make sure you ask the seller about the vapour performance, because you don’t want something that’s… well, bad. The vapour performance includes the vapour production, the throat hit, and the battery life. When it comes to throat hit, which is something most people don’t really understand, it is a term that describes the quality of an electronic cigarette, mostly if it’s strong or weak.

A warranty is an important thing, and make sure you ask about it. Make sure you get an e-cigarette that has one, because that will make things really easy in case the device does not work properly. Inform yourself on the terms of warranty, and learn what it is that the warranty implies.

Do some research about the electronic cigarette brands, and this should give you an idea which brand would be perfect for you. Check out the brands’ websites, but also make sure you visit some of the internet forums and read what the ordinary users think about them. This should give you a first hand report on which electronic cigarette brand is the best.

And finally, make sure you buy a real and original electronic cigarette, and not a fake one. You can differentiate them by the fact that the original ones have serial numbers, while the fake ones don’t. The serial number is usually located near the

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