Urban Sports Gaining Ground

26 Feb

urbanUrban sports have gained ground significantly recently. In fact they are even going as far as to being a competitive sport. But what exactly is an urban sport. An urban sport refers to sporting activities that can be taken part in urban areas as opposed to having to have professional sporting equipment. If you are wondering just how many urban sports there are or if you are considering taking part then take a look at the list below:


Though people have been riding bikes for ages BMXing takes it to a whole new level. BMX riding is using your bike and your surroundings to perform a series of stunts. What makes this such a popular sport is that you can completely freestyle or follow others techniques, either way you are in control.


Though skating is probably the original urban sport some have taken this even further with sports like longboarding. People travel all over the world to compete and can even get up to the same speeds as cars. A longboard uses gravity in order to gain speed which is completely different to the idea of performing tricks. In fact skating pathed the way for Stunt Scooters.

Pro Stunt Scooters

Though bikes are much more agile one would think that you are unable to perform tricks on a scooter but you would be wrong. In fact companies like RILLA are creating scooters  and providing a custom scooter builder specifically in order to keep up with BMXs on the urban scene.


Much like parkour the general idea is using your urban surroundings to perform a range of tricks however this time you are using your body. You can use the different levels of access and really whatever you have access to can be used as a performance techniques.

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